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Celebrate Bird Day (or Star Wars Day for those of you with Ornithophobia) with some empyreal acoustic sounds at Will’s Pub! Wheeler is very excited to be on the bill with Thorp Jenson and Matthew Logan Vasquez (of Delta Spirit and Middle Brother fame). Come hear some some stripped down CRC material, new Wheeler songs, and a few old favorites!

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"Virtues" album review from Mieux Magazine 

Our latest album review comes from Justin Smith at Mieux Magazine, a fantastic Florida-focused art/music/fashion blog. We're happy to be a part of the Florida scene, and happy to be bringing prog rock back!

"CRC proves with their first major project that they’re ready to bring progressive music top-side with “Virtues”; getting in and out of catchy grooves, utilizing droning filters, and finishing up with top of the line production to give us a perfect angle at modern prog-rock, ranging from ominous folky tunes, to rocking jams that belt out vocals as if they were coming straight of the 60s."

"Virtues" album review from AMPLIFY 

A huge thank you to the AMPLIFY. blog for this gracious review of Virtues! (excerpt below):

"Virtues will cement Cosmic Roots Collective as artistic strongholds because they aren’t afraid to be exploratory in their work. They pull from every corner of creativity, constructing a sound that is not only inventive, but entirely their own. Their work is melodic, rhythmic, razor-sharp, resonant, and finely calibrated. Though each track on the album differentiates in sound from the other, the entire album is bound together by the band’s effortlessly iconic knack for innovation". 


The waiting is over. It’s FINALLY HERE! We are excited beyond words to present to you our newest record: "Virtues.” This album has been a 2.5 year labor of love that we couldn’t be more proud of. We can’t wait for all of you to hear it! It’s available on Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Google Play, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube… most anywhere you consume music. Special thanks to Shaun Combs for his incredible mixing/mastering treatment and production input, and to Dustin Lamb for the beautiful album cover. Without either of you, this album would still be an idea in our heads and not the reality before us now. And finally, the biggest thank you to our families, friends, fans, and anyone else who’s ever come out and stuck around at a show to see us play. You’re all a part of this. Thank you, and enjoy!

New Music! 

Today we're releasing the second single from our upcoming record, entitled "You Manic"! Get your spacey acoustic/synth amalgamation on by listening here! A special thank you to Joshua Jauz and Matthew Weller at SIGT for featuring us! 

Click HERE to check out 'You Manic'