A Little About Us...

The Cosmic Roots Collective are three dudes from Orlando, FL – Wheeler Newman, Ronnie Brannan, and Paul Mauceri – who play a unique blend of what they dub “Psychedelic Progressive Pop from Space.” They formed in 2013 and draw from a variety of influences, including the punk energy of alternative/college rock legends the Pixies, the grungy melodicism of Nirvana, the folk styling of Elliott Smith, the pop sophistication of the Beatles, the progressive rock of Rush and Yes, and the modern rock experimentation of Radiohead, all with a bluesy/roots undercurrent. A peer once described their sound as a “Progressive Rock version of The Band.”

This past August they released their first full-length album, entitled “Virtues.” Recorded in Newman’s living room during the course of 2016 and the first half of 2017 and mixed and mastered by Shaun Combs, the material reflects a significant stylistic shift from their earlier sound, which had a more country/gospel flavor a la the “Cosmic American Music” espoused by Gram Parsons. Some of the newer material has a more experimental side, as the band explores odd-time signatures and sudden tempo shifts, while at the same time adhering to traditional song structure. They play in and around Central Florida.

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