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"Virtues" album review from Mieux Magazine 

Our latest album review comes from Justin Smith at Mieux Magazine, a fantastic Florida-focused art/music/fashion blog. We're happy to be a part of the Florida scene, and happy to be bringing prog rock back!

"CRC proves with their first major project that they’re ready to bring progressive music top-side with “Virtues”; getting in and out of catchy grooves, utilizing droning filters, and finishing up with top of the line production to give us a perfect angle at modern prog-rock, ranging from ominous folky tunes, to rocking jams that belt out vocals as if they were coming straight of the 60s."

"Virtues" album review from AMPLIFY 

A huge thank you to the AMPLIFY. blog for this gracious review of Virtues! (excerpt below):

"Virtues will cement Cosmic Roots Collective as artistic strongholds because they aren’t afraid to be exploratory in their work. They pull from every corner of creativity, constructing a sound that is not only inventive, but entirely their own. Their work is melodic, rhythmic, razor-sharp, resonant, and finely calibrated. Though each track on the album differentiates in sound from the other, the entire album is bound together by the band’s effortlessly iconic knack for innovation".